By | October 6, 2020

Getting Outside Matters

Whether big adventures or standing outside the front door and looking up at the stars the restorative nature of nature and the outdoors is well known.


As part of my work on access I am delighted to be an Ordnance Survey #getoutside Champion.

I am championing those for whom the walk across the National Park car park is already exhausting and who are more fat and fifty rather than fit and fleecy.

The outdoors is one of the best resources for physical and mental well being.

We need to remove the barriers that prevent many people from enjoying the full range of benefits outdoor spaces can bring.

Through these pages I will be sharing my own – sometime painful – experiences of getting fitter outdoors

 - (or failing horribly which may also be a useful cautionary tale) -

and highlighting some of the great work that others are doing in this space.

This will shamelessly include work from my day job at YHA and my campaigns Every Child Should and Outdoor Citizens and pull together wider writing on access to nature and outdoors.


We know that access to – often publicly funded – outdoor assets is limited for some groups.

And we know these are often the groups that could benefit the most. Let’s make the change.


For more on why I champion the outdoors: